Oracle Infinity IQ Release Notes for September 13, 2021

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity Streams and Actions:

  • View a real-time count of events that are successfully delivered for each of your actions.  When viewing your list of actions in the new Actions feature, you can now view a real-time counter that lets you know the volume of events being delivered to the destination configured in your action.  This counter provides indication of action volume and health, and it continues to increment in real-time over the life of the action. 
  • Search the list of behavior attributes and parameters when configuring your action rules.  When creating or editing an action in the new Actions feature, click to the second step where your action rules are defined.  Then, when configuring filters as part of your rules, the right side panel now allows you to search for the name of the parameters or behavior attributes you want to use in your filter.  
  • Under-the-hood enhancements are included in this release to prepare for the upcoming Predictions feature.  

The following Oracle Infinity defect has been resolved:

  • The Description field in a connection now shows an error when the description text exceeds the allowed character limit.  500 characters are allowed. (INF-49301)

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