Oracle Infinity Data Collection Release Notes for December 10, 2021

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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity Data Collection:

Common CDN

A common Content Delivery Network (CDN) across Infinity and Maxymiser is implemented to streamline server requests and administration of the CX tag.


The Infinity and the Maxymiser modules are currently loaded on the webpages by leveraging the CX Tag infrastructure. Though they are loaded as modules in a single CX Tag, multiple SSL handshakes happen in the background. To improve efficiency, it has been proposed to streamline requests to and from multiple servers.


There is a change in the domain of the CDN from which the tag assets will be served. Currently, the tag loader is served from https://c.oracleinfinity.io domain. The loader sends out multiple requests to different servers to load the Infinity and Maxymiser modules. In the common CDN model, the tag loader, and the tag assets for Infinity and Maxymiser will be served from the same domain https://d.oracleinfinity.io/

All existing tags with either Maxymiser or Infinity modules (or both modules) will continue to function without any loss of performance. The existing CDN (https://c.oracleinfinity.io) will continue to be live. Any modifications made to the existing tags will be published to both the old and new CDNs.

Benefits of common CDN

·  The common CDN helps avoid end-user experience complications like blocking (due to classification on a tracking blacklist) or performance issues from multiple SSL handshakes.

·  The common CDN helps to deliver the CX tag more efficiently than before, ensuring performance improvement. Serving tags at an optimal speed to online users can ensure that visitors aren’t lost due to the page flicker experience.

When do you need to redeploy the CX Tag on your web pages?

1.     When you create a new tag

2.    When you decide to harness the power and value of the common CDN

How to obtain the common CDN link for the CX Tag?

Kindly refer to the following link to obtain the CDN link for the CX Tag.


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