Email address import definition Limitations

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I'm looking to use the Email Address Import Definition feature to sync unsubscribes from another system without adding contacts to my database. Wondering if there's any limitation to the number of emails that can be added to the definition or any other limitations not called out in the documentation.


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  • Hi User_IDCXF

    Thank you for reaching out to the community forum with your question.

    When you use the Upload purpose 'Unsubscribe,' It will not add the contacts to the database, only mark those existing. If they don't exist, it will upload them to a backend table identifying them unsubscribed. So in the future, if any of those email addresses become Eloqua contacts, they will be created with the status' Globally Unsubscribed.'

    There is no limit for this type of upload, and if there is, it'd likely display an error when selecting a file. The only limitation is the number of records you can have in a .csv file. You may have to batch upload if it is millions.