Oracle Infinity IQ Release Notes for March 4, 2022

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following feature enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity IQ.

Infinity IQ Predictions

Two enhancements have been implemented to simplify the use of this new machine learning-based capability.  The first enhancement is with the naming of the prediction parameters that augment events and stream through the Infinity pipeline.  The second change is seen when configuring your action rules to activate your data based on predicted behaviors.  

  • The former Prediction Confidence parameter, prediction.[behavior-name].confidence, is renamed to Prediction Probability, prediction.[behavior-name].probability, and its values are low, medium, or high.
  • The former Prediction Probability parameter, prediction.[behavior-name].probability, is renamed to Prediction Probability Score, prediction.[behavior-name].probability_score.
  • When configuring your action rules, you can include the Prediction Probability parameter for a predicted behavior.  The Prediction Confidence parameter has been removed as an option in your rules definition.  

To learn more about Predictions in Infinity IQ, see the following help guides - Predictions overview and Adding predictions to actions.

Infinity IQ User Parameters

Oracle Infinity IQ User Parameters provide a powerful way to build digital behavioral user profiles in Infinity, which you can then use for triggering and payload augmentation, cross-session and cross-device.

To learn more about User Parameters, please refer to the help guide.

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