Eloqua: SSL Certificate Updates [March 2022]

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New SSL certificates are available for the following domains:

  • *.p01.eloqua.com
  • *.p02.eloqua.com
  • *.p03.eloqua.com
  • *.p04.eloqua.com
  • *.p06.eloqua.com
  • *.p07.eloqua.com
  • *.p08.eloqua.com

Please note: Oracle is replacing the RSA certificates with ECC(Elliptic Curve Cryptography) certificates, but process is expected to happen around May 2022 and as such customers will have to make the certificate changes twice this calendar year, once in March 2022 and again around May 2022. More information will be provided.


The SSL certificates are expected to be updated on March 10th, 2022 across all PODs starting at 1:30 pm ET

They will be following this sequence of replacements:

  1. POD 7
  2. POD 6
  3. POD 1
  4. POD 2
  5. POD 3
  6. POD 4

Next Steps

If relying on the SSL certificate in your integration for these domains, update your integration with the new attached SSL certificates. For example, if you have a store of trusted SSL certificates, add the new SSL certificates to your trusted store. See attached certificated above.

If you have questions, please contact Oracle Cloud Support.

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