Say Hello to The New Oracle Unity Category in Topliners!

Hi Oracle Unity Community,

My name is Jake Spencer and I am the outbound product management lead for Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform. I’m based in San Diego, California.

We’re excited to share the new Unity Category in Topliners! With the new Category, members can:

  • Subscribe to each Category and update your notification preferences to choose when you want be updated about new posts and/or comments (please opt-in for announcements to stay up to date with the latest feature releases!)
  • See pinned announcements so you don’t miss out on the latest content or news on Oracle Unity
  • Become recognized Topliners members as leaders with the new Leaderboard
  • Interact and engage across the broader Oracle Marketing ecosystem 

And much more!

One thing I love about communities is the opportunity to engage with people outside of work. Your success with Oracle Unity is our success so please reach out for answers to questions, share your use cases, and bring anything that might be suitable for the Unity community. We welcome your feedback as we continue making progress on making this an engaging and useful community for you.

We love to hear from our Topliners members! Comment below and introduce yourself!