Eloqua Product Notice: Sunset of the MD5 Hash Identifier Fields [Aug 2022]

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Beginning in August 2022, MD5 hash contact fields (MD5 Hashed Email, MD5 Hashed Mobile Phone, MD5 Hashed Business Phone) will no longer be supported for customers who have enabled the Hash Identifier feature or are using the BlueKai (DMP) Data Activation app.

What's Changing

MD5 hash contact field values will not be updated for existing contact records and any new contact records created after our August release will have blank field values for MD5 Hashed Email, MD5 Hashed Mobile Phone, MD5 Hashed Business Phone. We are planning to permanently remove these contact fields from the Eloqua database in mid-to-late 2023. We will provide an update once dates are confirmed. 


  • The MD5 has contact field changes are current planned for:
    • August 5: PODs 1, 2, 7
    • August 19: PODs 3, 4, 6
  • Permanent removal of the MD5 hash contact fields from the Oracle Eloqua database are planned for mid-to-late 2023. Dates will be communicated once confirmed.

Next Steps

We recommend that you remove dependencies on MD5 hash contact fields (MD5 Hashed Email, MD5 Hashed Mobile Phone, MD5 Hashed Business Phone) and begin using the SHA-256 contact fields (SHA256 Hashed Email, SHA256 Hashed Mobile Phone, SHA256 Hashed Business Phone) for hash identification before the August dates listed above.

The SHA-256 fields are available in any instance of Eloqua that has the hash fields feature enabled.


Q: Why will MD5 hash contact fields no longer be supported?

A: We are refocusing the hash identification feature to better align with industry standards and trends for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Q: When will MD5 hash contact fields be removed?

A: We are planning to remove these fields in mid-to-late 2023. We recommend removing MD5 dependencies and using SHA-256 contact fields as soon as possible to avoid any disruption to your campaigns.

Q: How can I tell if my MD5 hash contact fields have dependencies in Eloqua?

A: While logged into Eloqua, go to Settings, then Manage Fields & Views and search for MD5. Right click on an MD5 field to select Show Field Dependencies.


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