Oracle Infinity IQ Release Notes for May 17, 2022

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancement has been made to Oracle Infinity IQ:

  • Configure a connection from Oracle Infinity to a third party system using Webhook.  The Webhook connection can then be used in an action. When the rules of the action are identified in real-time, Oracle Infinity can deliver relevant behavioral data to your third-party system. View the Oracle Infinity help guides to learn more about configuring a Webhook connection and using a Webhook connection in an action.  

The following Oracle Infinity defects have been resolved:

  • An issue was resolved where some actions in the Infinity Actions feature stopped delivering data but still showed a status of "Enabled".  (INF-56021)
  • In the Infinity Actions feature, when editing an action that sends data to a Responsys Supplemental Table, the drop-down list was not consistently loading the list of Supplemental Table names.  (INF-55792)
  • A formatting issue was resolved when viewing system error messages in the History view for Infinity Actions.  (INF-55732)
  • In the Infinity Actions feature, when an action sends data to Oracle Maxymiser for personalization, a limit to the Oracle Maxymiser API was being reached.  This is now resolved.  (INF-55524)
  • When configuring an action in the Infinity Actions feature, using a parameter with a numeric data type in a filter now shows the appropriate numeric operators, such as greater than, less than, etc. (INF-55510)
  • An error of "Token Expired" was repeatedly showing for some actions in the Infinity Actions feature.  This is resolved. (INF-55042)
  • When using the Developer Mode screen in the Infinity Actions feature, using "NOT" and "NOT_LIKE" in a query caused an error of "Query Forwarding Failed".  This is resolved. (INF-53280)
  • When mapping fields in the Infinity Actions feature, using the "Page URI" parameter caused an error of "Query Forwarding Failed" when the action was enabled.  This is fixed. (INF-53195)
  • When viewing the History screen for Infinity Actions, the error messages have been enhanced when an action connecting to Oracle Responsys encounters an issue.  (INF-46223)

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