Oracle Eloqua Developer Release Notes - 22B

Lou Patrick
Lou Patrick Principal Product Manager, Eloqua APIs & App Developer FrameworkPortland, ORPosts: 173 Bronze Trophy

A list of developer-facing new features, significant recent changes, and platform notices for Oracle Eloqua release 22B:

New features

Application API

Bulk API

  • We've added the updateRuleByField parameter to Bulk API imports. This parameter specifies how Eloqua should handle updating records when you import a new value for an existing field by field. If you do not specify an updateRuleByField, or leave a field out of updateRuleByField, the rule type defaults to the rule set with updateRule. The following rule types are available:
    • always: Always update.
    • ifNewIsNotNull: Update if the new value is not blank.
    • ifExistingIsNull: Update if the existing value is blank.
    • useFieldRule: Use the rule defined at the field level.
    • Learn more.

Recent changes

  • The new Contact Field setting "Contact Field contains valid phone number" prevents updating contact information if the contact record does not contain a valid phone number, using both Application API and Bulk API endpoints. Endpoints to update contact records are affected such as the Update a contact endpoint and Update a contact import definition. When using the Bulk API, clients with the "Reject rows that have invalid data" feature enabled will also notice that contacts will be rejected if they contain invalid phone numbers.

Application API

  • If there are over one million CDO (custom data object) records, the Retrieve a list of custom object data API 1.0 and 2.0 endpoints will now only accept one search request at a time if the request includes only non-indexed fields or does not include an indexed field without a leading wildcard. This limit will be per User and per Custom Object. A “429 Too Many Requests” response will be returned until the request completes. For more information, see the product notice.

Bulk API

  • We have modified how Contacts are linked to Bulk API form submit activities. Eloqua will now check first for the Contact ID that was set upon form submission, and if there is not a Contact ID set upon form submission, Eloqua will then check for a Contact that’s mapped to the Visitor. For more information, see the product notice.

Platform notices

  • With the arrival of Eloqua 22D release (November 2022), the EloquaService SOAP API will be deleted. For more information, see the product notice.

Documentation enhancements of note

See the Changelog for more details and examples.