Transactional Responsys - Dynamic Blocks


We're just implementing responsys as our transactional platform facing our customers.

We need to send a notification email where we list all of the products that the customer purchased.

I'm wondering how can we include dynamic blocks with a condition like:

"Until the array of [items] is empty, show a new block with the details of the item received through the API call."

Appreciate your help to implement this feature, and also, how do we have to make the API call, as currently I'm seeing the only way:

"optionalData": [


                        "name": "item_1_SKU",

                        "value": "123"



                        "name": "item_2_SKU",

                        "value": "345"

This is an issue, as we have no limits on the amount of items purchased by the customer, and I have a blocking limit of 30 rules per block.