Oracle Eloqua Developer Release Notes - 22C

Lou Patrick
Lou Patrick Principal Product Manager, Eloqua APIs & App Developer FrameworkPortland, ORPosts: 173 Bronze Trophy

A list of developer-facing new features, significant recent changes, and platform notices for Oracle Eloqua release 22C:

New features

Application API

  • We have added a new property isUpdatingCrmID to the Update a campaign endpoint. This property indicates if crmId is being updated. For more information, see the product notice.

Bulk API

  • We have added new opportunity fields Owner and PrimaryCampaignID for Bulk API import. You can retrieve these new opportunity fields using the API endpoint: GET/API/Bulk/2.0/opportunities/fields. See the API reference for more information.

Recent changes

Application API

  • We have added a new search parameter isCertificateProvisioned to the Retrieve a list of microsites endpoint. Set isCertificateProvisioned to “true” to filter on microsites that have a certificate provisioned for at least one of your domains. If isCertificateProvisioned is not included in request all microsites will be returned.

Platform notices

  • With the arrival of Eloqua 22D release (November 2022), the EloquaService SOAP API will be deleted. For more information, see the product notice.

See the Changelog for more details and examples.