Oracle Infinity Streams Release Notes for January 6, 2023

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancement has been made to Oracle Infinity Streams:

Administer Behaviors.  Behaviors are a friendly way to express specific behavioral conditions or click events exhibited by your visitors, users, or customers on a digital property, such as a website or mobile app.  These behaviors are used to easily express real-time activation rules in the Actions feature.  It is now possible to create new behaviors and delete behaviors that are not being used in an action or scenario.  As you create new behaviors, they're immediately available for use in your actions. 

Behaviors are administered in the new Library feature.  In order to access the new Library feature, you must be granted the appropriate user rights to "Manage behaviors" and/or "View behaviors".  If you do not have either of these user rights, you will not see the new Library in the navigation menu.  Members of the Super Administrator group will automatically inherit these new user rights.  Once you access the new Library feature, you'll see a list of your existing behaviors and from here, you can create new behaviors and delete any existing behaviors you no longer need, as long as they're not in use by actions or scenarios.  You can also view the details of any existing behavior, such as its technical expression and its behavior attributes.  To learn more about administering behaviors, see help guides, "Accessing behaviors" and "Creating behaviors".  In an upcoming release, you'll be able to edit the standard behaviors as well as any new behaviors you have created.  

Also, please note that there are now two Library features - one with analytics objects and one with behaviors.  Over time, the analytics objects, such as reports and segments, will be moved into the new Library feature along with behaviors, scenarios, and other application objects you wish to configure and re-use across the Oracle Infinity product.  

With this update, the standard behaviors will show "Infinity" as the user name in the "Created by" and "Updated by" fields.  To learn more, view the "Standard behaviors" help guide.

Known issue.  There is a temporary known issue that affects users having the "Manage actions" user right and who are not members of the Super Administrator group.  If you have the ability to create and edit actions and you are not a Super Administrator, you must be granted both the "View behaviors" user right in the new Library feature and the "View parameters" user right in the Settings feature.  Without these additional user rights, details in the action configuration workflow will not appear properly.  We are working to address this issue. 

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