Not getting manually entered data inside service invocation call

How can we access manual input data that is entered in the configuration page inside the request made by a service invoke call?

We thought of saving that manual input data on the app side in some database during the save configuration invocation.

Is there any better way for our scenario so that we can directly access the input data in the service invoke request body without the need of saving it on the app side in a database?

We are able to get the field values from the schema for a product list using input parameters of record definition but we are not able to get a manually entered data (as shown in the screenshot below) without saving it on the app side in a database and fetching it back during service invocation from the database.


  • Mayank Bajaj-Oracle
    Mayank Bajaj-Oracle Principal Product Manager Posts: 38 Employee

    <Update from the tech team>

    Hi - You cannot access the static data without saving in on the app side. The manually entered data will need to be saved on the app side as part of app config save and then fetched back during the invocation.

  • User_KBFY7
    User_KBFY7 Posts: 1 Employee


    We do not track any manually entered data in app configuration in AMS. That is left to the app the way it has to handle it. Ideally, it has to be persisted within the app DataBase.


  • Hi, thank you for the clarification.

    Another question I have regarding install Id during app installation is that is it unique for different tenant ids. We currently have two accounts with the same tenant id, so we always get the same install id during app installation. We need to confirm if it is unique for different tenants.

    And if it is not unique, is there a common id (which is unique per tenant) available between the application and service?

  • Mayank Bajaj-Oracle
    Mayank Bajaj-Oracle Principal Product Manager Posts: 38 Employee

    Hi - Two different accounts will always have different account ids. It is unique for accounts.