Oracle Unity Release Notes for January 25, 2023 (23.01)

The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform.

  • Segmentation
    • A number of enhancements have been made to the Manage Segments page to optimize page load times, and a search option has been added to the filters for "Base Object", "Tags", "Created By", and "Last Modified By".
  • Governance
    • A new section for "Reports" has been added to the Admin page. These reports track most view/create/update/delete activities by Unity users. The "Daily reports" section lets users download individual files for each day in the past week, while the "Bulk downloads" section lets users request a file for a multi-day period. (Oracle Unity only, not Oracle Audience Segmentation)
    • A new "Access" step has been added to the workflow for creating data science models in support of Organization-based access control. It will only appear in tenants where OBAC is enabled. Once OBAC is enabled in the tenant, any existing models will need to be updated with the appropriate organization. (Oracle Unity only, not Oracle Audience Segmentation)

The following defects have been resolved. 

  • The order of attributes in a segment's personalization list was not being respected in certain conditions when the segment was used in an export job. This has been fixed. (CDP-35038)
  • The name given to an external segment can now be different than the name given to the underlying MCPS query. (CDP-35504)

The following issue is known.

  • When you load the Manage Segments page, the page may appear to stop loading if you have not marked some segment as a "Favorite". The workaround for this is to click on the "All" tab or the "Recent" tab. Then the list of segments will appear.