Oracle Unity Release Notes for February 28, 2023 (23.02)

Julie Gillison-Oracle
Julie Gillison-Oracle Posts: 127 Employee
edited Feb 24, 2023 4:09PM in Unity

The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform. 

  • Oracle Integration Cloud Gen 3 Support.  This update allows Oracle Unity customers who are using the adaptor to leverage the latest generation of Oracle Integration Cloud, unlocking new integrations with popular technologies like Snowflake.    
  • Notifications.  You are now able to control when failures produce a notification and who should receive these notifications.  Instead of receiving notifications for every job failure, you can now set a threshold.  As a result, notifications will only be sent when failures reach the configured threshold.  You're also able to enter a list of email addresses to which the notifications can be sent when jobs fail.
  • Governance role.  A new governance user role is available. Users with this role can view and administer other users and can view and modify the settings for organization-based access control and data masking. This user can also view and download the user activity report.
  • Performance enhancements.  A number of enhancements have been made to improve page load times across the Unity user interface. These enhancements include an upgrade to version 13 of the Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit, as well as optimizations on individual pages.

The following defect has been resolved. 

  • When creating a job, if the email frequency for job notifications is selected as 1, it was found that the value was reset to 0 on save.  This defect has been fixed. (CDP-36795)

Note, the Oracle Integration Cloud Gen 3 Support and Governance Role features are not available to customers of Oracle Audience Segmentation.