Oracle Infinity Streams Release Notes for March 2, 2023

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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity Streams.  

Data Collection

  • The wt.vtid query parameter has been removed from the data collection payload as it is no longer supported. 
  • Components of the CX Tag have been updated to load from the HTTPS protocol only, regardless of the host website protocol.  Previously, the tag components, common.js and analytics.js, were loading based on the host website protocol.  This enhancement has been made due to the HTTP protocol not being secure and is not recommended for use.

Connections to Oracle Unity and Source ID

  • When sending behavioral data from Oracle Infinity to Oracle Unity, a Source ID is required to be sent.  In earlier versions of Oracle Infinity, the Source ID could not easily be included in the payload of data sent to Oracle Unity.  As a result, the connection type for Oracle Unity has been updated to allow for configuration of the Source ID.  When configuring a "Destination" in the Oracle Unity connection, a new field has been added for "Unity Source ID".  The value will default to "Activations" but you can modify the value as needed.  When an action uses the Oracle Unity connection and destination, the Source ID of "Activations" or your supplied value will automatically be mapped to "SourceID" of the selected Unity Data Object.  The value will be automatically mapped to the corresponding field in Oracle Unity and does not require manual field mapping.   

Connections to Oracle Responsys

  • A new Oracle Responsys connection type is available or will be available in your Oracle Infinity account soon.  This new connection to Oracle Responsys is supported by an updated, more resilient architecture that leverages Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  This new Oracle Responsys connection, when used in an action, can be used to trigger behavioral data from Oracle Infinity to Oracle Responsys and this behavioral data can be used for campaign personalization, for example.  
  • It is important to note that the earlier Oracle Responsys connection is now labeled as "Deprecated" and will eventually be phased out.  It has not yet been deprecated or disabled.  Soon, your actions that use the earlier Oracle Responsys connection type will be automatically migrated to use the new Oracle Responsys connection type.  No action is required of you at the current time.  
  • When the new Oracle Responsys connection type is available in your Oracle Infinity account, you'll notice a change to the "Responsys Pod" field when creating or editing the connection.  You will no longer have a drop-down list from which to select your Oracle Responsys Pod name.  Instead, a text field has been provided for you to manually enter your Oracle Responsys pod.  This is due to upcoming changes planned for Oracle Responsys. 

The following defects have been resolved 

  • The cross-domain plugin for the CX Tag was appending the tracking code only to the first anchor links but not to the rest of the anchor links. This is now fixed. (INF-52812). 
  • The cross-domain plugin for the CX Tag was breaking URLs which consist of "#" characters. (INF-59388)
  • The CX Tag was not encoding non-UTF-8 characters properly. (INF-59035)

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