Oracle Infinity IQ Release Notes for April 27, 2023

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancement has been made to Oracle Infinity IQ.

Oracle Responsys Integration Update.

  • If your instance of Oracle Responsys uses the I2 pod, you now have a new version of your Responsys connection in your instance of Oracle Infinity.  This new Responsys connection in Infinity, which facilitates delivery of data from Infinity to Responsys, improves performance and provides a better user experience.  This update is specific to Oracle Infinity customers who have configured a connection to Responsys through Responsys' I2 pod.  If you have configured a connection to Responsys using a different pod, this update will be made available to you through a phased approach over time.  
  • No action is required of you for this update.  All existing Responsys connections, including your actions that use Responsys connections, will be duplicated and updated.  The previous version will be disabled and marked with the label, "Deprecated".  The updated connections and actions have been created with the same names as the previous versions and are enabled automatically.  The deprecated connections and actions will remain in your instance of Infinity for 30 to 45 days, and after this time, they will be automatically removed.  
  • To learn more about this update and how to configure a Responsys connection, please see the help guide, "Configuring an Oracle Responsys connection". 

Oracle Responsys Integration and Recipient Type Support.

  • With the new Responsys connection in Oracle Infinity (referenced above), you can now send Infinity behavioral data to Responsys Trigger REI Event tables, along with the recipient type.  When configuring a connection to Responsys, you can choose to add a Trigger REI Event table as your final destination for data delivery and select the recipient list type.  The different, supported recipient types include, profile list, mobile push, and web push.  This feature enables you to send email, SMS, push, and in-app messages to users per the selected recipient type.  After you have added the Trigger REI Event destination to your Responsys connection, it can then be used in an action.  
  • To learn more about this update, please see the help guides, "Configuring an Oracle Responsys connection" and "Creating an action with an Oracle Responsys destination". 

Recommendations Inventory.  

  • Minor technical enhancements have been made to support the Recommendations Inventory Configuration API.  These enhancements will support future updates to the Recommendations feature.