Oracle Infinity IQ Release Notes for May 25, 2023

The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity IQ. 


Tag Delivery Service for Data Collection.  We are announcing a new service for Oracle Infinity's data collection, called the Tag Delivery Service, which is a more scalable and performant replacement to its predecessor.  All of your data collections tags are now using the new Tag Delivery Service.  Your tags will continue to work has they always have, however, with improved scale and performance.  No action is required of you to benefit from this new service.  Please note that with this update, the "Last modified date" will show the same time stamp for all of your tags until the next time you update them.

Common CDN for Data Collection.  A common CDN has been introduced to host CX Tag assets that will minimize delays when serving multiple tag modules.  To learn more about configuring the CX Tag, see the "Generating Tags" help guide.  

User Rights and Roles for Data Collection.  The rights and roles that control permissions to administer data collection tags have been enhanced.  Additionally, two new roles are available to provide more granular controls - Tag Editor and Tag Consultant.  The following roles are now available:

  • Tag Viewer - Users with this role can view tags, tag containers, tag modules, and tag configurations.
  • Tag Editor - Users with this role can view tags, create tags, and clone containers.  These users can also edit tags, containers, modules, and configurations. 
  • Tag Consultant - Users with this role can perform all of the above capabilities.  These users can also delete tags, publish them as live, and administer other advanced options.
  • Administrator - Users with this role can perform all the above capabilities and administer other advanced options.


User-Agent String Reduction

The objective of User-Agent string reduction is to limit the volume of sensitive information being shared in the browser data as it can lead to fingerprinting, visitor identification, and other potential privacy concerns.  This reduction of user-agent data is happening in a multi-phased program, which eventually removes the user-agent string completely.  Instead of sending data in a user-agent string, a new process will require permission from your website.  To enable this capability, header information must be added to your website that authorizes your website to send data to Oracle Infinity.

This new feature will be released in the future; however, we are sharing the required changes with you now, so that you can prepare and schedule changes to your website.  To learn more about these user-agent changes, please see the help guide, "User-agent string reduction".