Academy Course -- B2B: Luminary Bridge 2017 (two-day course)

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    Beginning with the May 2017 training schedule, the Academy will offer a two-day course, taught by a single instructor, that presents the four instructor-led bridge topics required for the 2017 B2B Luminary accreditation. The following topics will be included, taught in this order:


    B2B: Luminary Bridge 2017


    Please review the individual education descriptions, linked above, for detailed information about the content of these session topics. Students taking this course should participate in all topics in order to be eligible for B2B Luminary accreditation.


    What are 'bridge' course topics?


    Each calendar year, the Academy introduces new, or 'bridge,' course topics to the list of B2B Luminary requirements. These new topics represent the newest education on Oracle Eloqua features and/or functionality that can be critical to effective use of the platform. To be eligible for the current year Luminary accreditation, these topics should be completed prior to taking the B2B Luminary exam. The topics can be completed either through this 2-day course, or by participating in only the needed topics within the regular Luminary courses. Instructions for this option are outlined here: Attendance Policy for Full-Day and Multi-Day ILT Courses


    Who should take the B2B: Luminary Bridge 2017 course?


    The bridge course should be completed by any student interested in renewing a B2B Luminary title from 2016 or any student who completed the majority of the Luminary requirements in 2016, but need completion in these new and updated topics. Please refer to the following posts for complete details about the 2017 B2B Luminary requirements and the process for renewing the accreditation.


    How can I enroll for the B2B: Luminary Bridge 2017 course?


    To request scheduled dates and register, students should contact the Help Desk, Course details can be provided by the Help Desk and you can be added to the chosen course, as requested. After being enrolled, you'll receive confirmation and reminder emails, as with other instructor-led LVC courses.


    Note that these courses are not available at this time in the onDemand format and must be attended via an instructor-led session.


    Contact the Academy Help Desk, with any questions about this offering.