Update Your Community Display Name and Avatar!

Version 11

    To help others best identify with your community profile, we ask that all users update their display name (also known as a username or user handle) and avatar photo.


    To change your display name, follow these easy steps!

    1. From any page within the community, you can click on your current display name and avatar at the top right of the screen.

    2. In the drop down menu, select Edit Profile.
      display name.PNG
    3. Scroll down to the Avatar section, and choose an avatar. You do have the option to upload your own personal avatar if you desire to do so (click "Add another avatar).

    4. Additionally, you may add up to 10 profile photos. When someone navigates to your community profile, the profile photo is the first thing that they see. Profile photos add a personable touch to your community profile, allowing a fun way for users to get to know you!
      profile photos.PNG
    5. Next, click on Your Profile tab at the top of the page.
      your profile tab.PNG

    6. Select MOSC as your default community > select Edit to update your current Display Name.
      Display Name Edit.PNG

    7. Enter your Display Name here and choose save. We recommend that you create an easily recognizable name, such as your first and last name, first name and initial, or something similar.

    8. On the next screen, choose Continue.

    9. You must close and reopen your browser, as well as log out of the community and then log back in to see your change take effect.

    10. You're done!