Oracle Responsys: Connect

Version 14

    Data is at the heart of modern marketing. Without data, marketers wouldn’t know what campaign to send to whom, how the target recipients are responding to their latest campaigns, or what engagement metrics to track for future campaigns. With data pouring in from a multitude of sources, modern marketers need to ensure they have the right kind of data that is being analyzed and transformed to achieve marketing goals, all the while making sure that customer data is safe against data breaches.


    Oracle Responsys’ hyper flexible Connect feature enables marketers and data gurus to automate data transfers through a simple, but intuitive UI. The Oracle Responsys: Connect series of OnDemand courses (18B) discusses the advantages that Responsys Connect offers, and how it facilitates file server authentication and data encryption.


    Additionally, this Connect series demonstrates how to configure, activate, and run import-export Connect jobs to transfer data from and into a Responsys file server as well as an external file server. The demonstrations walk you through each step of the Connect job wizard to configure import jobs, export jobs, and export feed data jobs. The courses can be taken by anyone but are specifically designed for individuals with Data Director access. Note that the Connect feature is available only if it is enabled for your account and only users with the Data Director role can work with Connect.




    The recommended order to take the modules is:

    1. Connect Basics
    2. Import Data
    3. Export Data
    4. Export Feed Data


    To learn more about the Connect course, download the attached course Abstract.




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