What are Virtual MTAs?

Version 14



    With the arrival of the recent Eloqua 18C release, a new drop-down menu called Virtual MTA was added to the Email Settings area for all Eloqua 10 Emails. This functionality has been introduced to allow for more granular control over email IP routing, and in particular, relevant for customers with our Premium Branding and Deliverability package. This functionality is being deployed to customers in waves starting with the 18C release, and as such means you might not see it right away.


    What's Changing?


    Oracle Eloqua is updating our email infrastructure, and as a result of this update, we’ve added the Virtual MTA option to provide you more granular control over your email IP routing. Although this option appears for all customers by default, only customers who have the Predmium Branding and Deliverability package will be able to take advantage of this functionality. You can access this option by creating or opening an email and navigating to Actions > Settings. If you currently see Virtual MTA with only one option in the drop-down, you can disregard as there is no change to your email routing.






    This functionality is being deployed to customers in waves starting with the 18C release, and as such means you might not see it right away.  All customers are expected to see the change rolled out by Mid-October.


    Next Steps


    If you do not have the Premium Branding and Deliverability package, you will only see one option visible in the Virtual MTA, and no action is required. Rest assured email deliverability will work as it did prior to the 18C Release. If you are interested in this feature, please contact your Account Representative and ask about the benefits of the Premium Branding and Deliverability package.


    If you are a current Premium Branding and Deliverability customer, your custom IP routing will now be controlled through the Virtual MTA and not be tied to Bounceback Email Addresses once you are migrated. You can tell you are migrated if you can see the Virtual MTA drop-down in email settings or if you receive an in-product notice as you log in.


    If you have any questions about the Virtual MTA feature, please reach out to Eloqua Support or your Eloqua Customer Success Representative.




    Q: What is Virtual MTA?

    A: Virtual MTA is a new setting in email settings that lets you control the IP routing of your email sends if you have multiple Virtual MTAs configured. Previously customers managed this through associating IP routing to specific bounce back addresses.


    Q: Why am I seeing Virtual MTA in my instance?

    A: Virtual MTA will appear in your email settings regardless if you subscribe to the Premium Branding and Deliverability package or not. If you only have one option in the Virtual MTA drop-down, you currently don’t have multiple VMTA options configured and don’t need to change anything. Email sending will work as before.


    Q: How do I utilize Virtual MTA for multiple IP routing options?

    A: You need to subscribe to the Premium Branding and Deliverability package. Reach out to your account executive today to get more information about pricing and the provisioning process.


    Q: How do I configure my Virtual MTA options?

    A: Your VMTA options are configured during the Premium Branding & Deliverability provisioning process.


    Q: I have custom IP routing today. How will Virtual MTA affect me?

    A: If you have custom IP routing today, the new Virtual MTA feature will replace your previous configuration tied to bounceback email address and give you direct control over IP routing through the Virtual MTA drop-down menu. The configuration of these options such as IP address and display name are configured by reaching out to the Eloqua Support team.


    Q: Where can I go for more information about Virtual MTA or IP routing?

    A: The email settings portion of the Oracle Help Center will be updated with more information about this new feature.