Oracle Responsys: APIs and Integrations

Version 9

    Oracle Responsys’ object model allows marketers to create and store a variety of objects, such as Profile List, PETs, Supplemental Tables, and Link Tables, as well as documents, programs, and campaigns.


    The Oracle Responsys Web service APIs provide standards-based access to many of these objects and support easy integration of client applications with these objects. Responsys APIs allow you to create, retrieve, update, or delete objects programmatically to accomplish a variety of marketing automation goals.


    The Oracle Responsys: APIs and Integrations OnDemand course mainly focuses on Responsys REST APIs. Designed specifically for developer roles, this course discusses different API functionalities and use cases, steps for processing API requests, and a variety of endpoints used during API calls. Apart from discussing some web service guidelines related to API requests, the course also touches upon Automatic Failover for Transactional Messaging, or the AFTM solution for triggering a high-availability API during service disruptions.


    Note: If your account has purchased an AFTM subscription and you are looking for more information on how to use AFTM API calls, this link will be a good resource.


    Data Content Campaign.png


    The recommended order to take the modules is:

    • Overview of APIs and Integrations
    • Processing APIs Requests
    • Responsys REST APIs Endpoints
    • Responsys REST APIs - Good to Know Information




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