CX Marketing: App Development Framework (CX Apps)

Version 4

    Important: The official name for CX Marketing: App Development Framework has been changed to CX Apps.


    The CX Marketing App Development Framework is an industry-leading ecosystem that enhances functionalities that are not currently native to CX Marketing products such as Oracle Responsys and Eloqua. Partners, developers, and marketers can leverage the apps created within the framework to meet marketing demands such as orchestrating campaigns across platforms like WeChat, derive information-packed buyer profiles, create custom audiences from Facebook, and a lot more.

    Developers can register apps in the App Management Service (AMS) and host them on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for customers to consume and extend the capabilities of their CX Marketing products. Developers can also develop custom solutions for just a single Oracle CX Marketing customer.


    This course focuses on the architectural framework that forms the basis of the App Development platform while touching upon the AMS — the developer-facing component of the system. As a case study, the course discusses how an app registered in the App Development Framework extends the functionality of the Responsys Program Designer and enables marketers to send campaigns to WeChat users.


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