B2B Luminary: FAQ

Version 26

    This Frequently Asked Questions document includes questions related to the B2B Luminary accreditation. Questions are broken into the three main sections of the B2B Luminary program: 1) Luminary Exam, 2) Luminary Hands-On Practical and 3) the Thought Leadership Blog Post & Application for Luminary Status. For questions, contact the OMC Help Desk.


    To pursue the B2B Luminary title, we first recommend that you complete the current year B2B Luminary courses in the Cloud Learning Subscription. You also need to pass the current year B2B Master exam to be eligible for the Luminary program. The Luminary Checklist can help you stay organized as you progress through the steps toward your achievement.


    Luminary Exam


    What content will be covered in the Luminary Exam?

    The Luminary exam contains a variety of multiple choice and true/false questions covering the B2B: Fundamentals series, and the Modern Marketing: Revenue Performance Management (RPM) series. These are the advanced level courses that make up the Luminary course program.


    I've completed the Luminary courses and Master exam. How can I access and take the B2B Luminary exam?

    The B2B Luminary exam is located in the Oracle Eloqua Cloud Learning Subscription, under the B2B Luminary learning path and can be accessed at your convenience. The exam will be the last item in the learning path list. You can launch the exam directly from the learning path when you are ready.


    What is the format of the B2B Luminary exam? What is the passing grade and what happens if I don't pass the first time?

    The B2B Luminary exam consists of 90 - 100 multiple choice and true/false questions and the passing grade is 80%. Instructions are shown when you begin the exam and you will have 120 minutes to complete all questions. The exam should be completed in one sitting to ensure accurate scoring. The latest version of the Chrome browser is recommended to take exams. Answer each question to the best of your ability and answer all questions on a page before moving to the next page. To progress through the exam, it's important to use the exam navigation and not use the forward or back buttons on your browser menu. If you don't pass the exam on your first try, you may take the exam again, if needed, simply by launching it again from your subscription.


    What is the best way to study for the Luminary Exam?

    This exam is challenging and we recommend you study before attempting it. These are our study tips:

      • Review Student Guides – The Luminary exam contains a variety of multiple choice and true/false questions covering the B2B: Fundamentals series, the Modern Marketing: Revenue Performance Management (RPM) series and all courses in the Luminary Learning path. Reviewing the Student Guides from these courses is highly encouraged.
      • Review Quiz Questions The PDF student guides include many pop-quiz and review slides. These are very helpful for studying as they generally highlight the key learning points from each section of a course.
      • Practice Course Exercises – For courses that include hands-on exercises, the Student Guides will include step-by-step instructions for reference. Practice these exercises, especially for functionality you’re not very familiar with.
      • Review Notes – If you took notes during a course, be sure to review them!


    How can I see my score for the Luminary exam?

    It is very important when you reach the final test screen that you click View your results in order to see your score. Once you leave this screen, you will no longer be able to see your score and Oracle University Marketing Cloud can only confirm your Pass/Fail status.


    I passed the Luminary Exam. Does that make me a B2B Luminary?

    Not yet!  After passing the current year exam with a score of 80%+, contact the OMC Help Desk for next steps. To earn the B2B Luminary title, you're required to successfully complete three tasks: pass the Luminary exam, complete the hands-on practical exercise, and share a thought leadership blog post. Refer to the B2B Luminary requirements.


    Luminary Hands-On Practical (Sandbox Exercise)

    I have passed the B2B Luminary exam, but have not received log-in credentials to the Luminary Sandbox.

    Congratulations on passing the Luminary exam! Feel free to contact the Help Desk right away to expedite your next steps. If you passed the Luminary exam and have not received credentials after 10 business days, please contact the OMC Help Desk.


    I have received log-in credentials to the Luminary Sandbox, but I'm unable to access the hands-on exercise.

    Before attempting to log in to the Luminary sandbox, be sure you are fully logged out of your own company's Eloqua instance. You may first need to log in to your environment and click the “log out” button or clear your cache/cookies. When logging in to the Luminary Sandbox for the first time, you must reset your password. It is important to remember that passwords in Eloqua are case sensitive. Verify that you are entering the correct credentials and if they are still not working, click “Forgot Password” below the “Sign In to ELOQUA” button to reset. You may also contact the OMC Help Desk.


    I submitted the form with the errors I found in the Sandbox campaign, but haven’t heard back. Did I pass that step?

    We will review your answers and contact you with feedback within 10 business days. If it has been longer than 10 business days since you submitted your answers, please contact the OMC Help Desk


    Thought Leadership Blog Post & Application for B2B Luminary Status

    What are the guidelines for the Thought Leadership Blog Post? How do I publish my post?

    For your final activity in the B2B Luminary process, you'll create a Topliners blog post showcasing a campaign or strategic initiative that was implemented as a result of what you've learned from Oracle University Marketing Cloud and the Topliners community. Review the Requirements for publishing the Thought Leadership post. We also recommend spending a few minutes reviewing past submissions to get an idea of what we’re looking for. Once your blog post is published, you're ready to submit the Application for B2B Luminary status.


    How do I submit the B2B Luminary Application?

    First... confirm you have successfully completed the B2B Luminary exam, the Hands-on Practical and published your Thought Leadership blog post. Once those things are done, you'll need to submit your Luminary Application (link will be included in your Hands-On Practical approval email). The Luminary Committee will contact you within 10 business days with approval of your Luminary status or with further instructions.


    What is the deadline to apply for the current year's Luminary accreditation?

    Applications must be received by December 15 of the current year in order to qualify for the B2B: Luminary status. No exceptions will be granted.


    What will happen if I complete part, but not all, of the requirements by the deadline of December 15? Will I have to start over in the new year?

    If you complete some, but not all, of the requirements after December 15, you will no longer be eligible for that year's Luminary and will be encouraged to apply for the new year's Luminary accreditation. The good news is that you don't have to start over! All valid course credits (those completed within the last 12 months) that you've already completed will count towards the new year's Luminary. However, to make sure applicants are current in the latest best practices and product updates, some course requirements change from year to year. You will be required to complete any new courses added to the new year's Luminary program. Requirements for the new year's Luminary status are announced in December of the current year on the Oracle University Marketing Cloud Topliners FAQ.


    I submitted the Application for Luminary status, but haven’t received my results. How and when will I be contacted?

    You’re in the home stretch! The Luminary Committee will review your submission to confirm you have completed the necessary requirements. We will contact you within 10 business days via email with your approval or next steps. If it has been longer than 10 business days since you submitted your application, please contact the OMC Help Desk.


    It's official, I'm a Modern Marketing Luminary! When will I get my Topliners badge?

    First off, did you know that you're kind of a big deal? Achieving B2B: Luminary status is not easy and you should be incredibly proud. Normally, we issue badges on a monthly basis, but we'll make sure your Luminary badge is updated on Topliners within a week of confirming your status. Congratulations!


    I went through the process to become a Luminary last year. Do I have to do everything again?

    Congratulations on being a B2B Luminary! You DO NOT need to do all the work again, you will have an abbreviated path to renew. Read the specific requirements to bridge the gap from one year to the next for more details.