How to update your profile

Version 5

    To update your Display Name

      1. Click the drop down next to your name and avatar in the upper right corner and select Edit Profile.


      Profile Drop Down.jpgEdit Profile from Drop Down.jpg


    2. Click on the Your Profile tab


      Edit Profile Tabs.jpg


    3. Click the Edit Display Name next to the Display Name, this will launch a new tab for the Oracle Communities Profile or click here

      Topliners Profile Edit.jpg  Oracle Profile Edit.jpg


    4. Edit the Community display name to your name, click save


      Edit Display Name Configuration.jpg

    5. The next time you log into Topliners the Display Name you entered will now be displayed instead of the number.


    Follow these same instructions to update your email, phone number, company name, Region, Twitter, and LinkedIn by clicking the edit link next to the appropriate field.


    All other fields like Title, Biography, Expertise, Location, Eduction, Certifications, Personal Interests and Website can be entered directly in the fields on the Edit Your Profile tab.


    Also, be sure to select Topliners as your default community so you will always see the Topliners header at the top of the community (i.e. the Topliners Logo which quickly gets your back to the Homepage and the Imagine It, See It, Do It, Code It, Know It, Dream It & Find Apps tabs).

    Default Community.jpg