Is there any way to send a dunning letter to group of customers using advanced collections strategie

Sudheer kolisetty
Sudheer kolisetty Member, Orion GCS Customer Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Business has raised a question based on their current collections process. There are certain processes where a single customer may have multiple corporate accounts with ABG.

For e.g. following 3 are setup as 3 separate accounts in AR customer master, but Hexcorp LLC might own the other 2 in real world. There is no relationship defined between them in either Oracle or CDB legacy system but Business users know that they belong to same parent customer.

Hexcorp LLC, AV123456

Hexcorp Pharma, AV123422

Hexcorp Bio, AV123433

Typically all our strategy assignments are at individual account level (See config tab “Manage Collections Scoring and Strategy Assignments”). Businese question is, is it possible to assign one collections strategy to all 3 above so they don’t have to log in to collections and address strategies for all 3 one by one individually and rather just update one strategy which can execute for all for e.g. sending 1 dunning letter with past due amount as total of all 3 accounts’ past due balances?