Introducing Siebel System Administration

Irina Hotinceanu -Oracle
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The Siebel SysAdmin Analyzer is a Health-Check script that reviews your overall application by analyzing your current configurations and settings for your environment. The Payroll Analyzer is a non-invasive script that is designed to provide proactive feedback and recommendations associated with the SysAdmin instance on which the analyzer is executed.

Siebel Analyzers (Doc ID 2777444.2)

This Analyzer / Health Check tool is a PL*SQL script that will check the Siebel environment and can be executed on all currently released/supported application versions (i.e. IP13 and above). As the process executes, it will output diagnostics advice and proactive recommendations within a .html output file.

When reviewing the analyzer output, you can immediately see where issues are identified as they are displayed in red (errors), orange (warnings), or blue (best practices), so that they can be easily seen. In addition to identifying areas of concern, the analyzer will also identify My Oracle Support (MOS) articles that can be utilized to resolve the issue.

When the Analyzer is executed, an environment review is performed and feedback provided on:

  • Performance related setups and checks
  • Invalid objects, disabled triggers, and database issues
  • Setup, Profile setting

It is recommended that this script be set up as a concurrent request from the Siebel interface so that it may be executed by either Functional or Technical representatives from your business.

Download the Siebel Analyzers (Doc ID 2777444.2) today and provide us your feedback!