How to append run date and time to Flow instance name while scheduling a HCM Extract

Meena_Sivakumar-Oracle Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


I have a requirement to schedule the HCM extract on weekly Mondays. I have scheduled it from Data Exchange> HCM Extracts by providing Extract Instance Name, Effective date and schedule. In schedule I have selected frequency as “Weekly” and provided start and end date for the schedule. After submitting, I am able to see the extract in scheduled status under View Flows page.

The requirement is to have the Payroll flow instance name with run date and time. But I’m getting only the Extract Instance Name which I provided. Could anyone please let me know how to append run date and time for the payroll instance name

Current: XXX_Extract

Required: XXX_Extract: 2021-12-11 14:00:00