Include Metadata information in DB systems

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Hi All,

I wanted to discuss about including the metadata information about tenancy/region/compartment/etc inside the DB systems.

After I create a DB system logging into the OCI, I will get the IPs of that system. If I want to know about the tenancy, region, compartment information logging into the DB system, there is no way I can get this information unless until I login to the OCI and search for it.

It is ok if I have only 1 or 2 systems in a particular tenancy/region.

What if I have multiple DB systems created in multiple tenancies and in multiple regions in each tenancy?

It becomes very tedious for me to login to different tenancies and search for each DB system to get this information.

Would it be feasible or is this not a good idea to include this information as Metadata information of that particular DB system somewhere in a file inside the DB system?

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