Sequence Numbers between F060116 and F08042 (EE Master and EE History Table)

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I am reviewing our Employee History table (F08042). I would like to understand the pecking orders of the sequence numbers. I am on the organization assignment page (P0801ORG)- I've updated the Supervisor field (ANPA), saved it with a change reason and effective date of 3.1.2021. Next, I accessed the Org Assignment page again for the same employee, I updated the Home Business Field (HMCU), saved it with a change a different change reason and effective date 3.1.2021. Both fields were updated today. Why do both data fields have the same sequence number of 1 (correct change reason and effective date) in the F08042 when they clearly were created as separate transactions. I also noticed that the other data item fields associated with the second change for HMCU - have a sequence number of 2 (i.e. DTSP, TRS, etc.) - why does the HMCU write with a sequence 1?

This is a little confusing.