TreeMover Export Error

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Hello All,

I am trying to run a TreeMover Tree Export and hitting the following error:

ABENDED at Step TREEMOVER.Export.Step01 (PeopleCode) --RC = ? (108,524)

It is also giving me a "could not open file...(125,31)" even though the file path exists.

Any ideas on what is causing this?

Thank you!


  • User720482-Oracle
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    When running Tree Manager Export and an error is generated "could not open file" please check possible causes:

    1. IF using a UNC directory path try using absolute Drive Letter convention if on MS Windows. Sometimes UNC directory paths are not resolved.
    2. The specified directory path may already contain previous Tree Manager files and **or the logs for the Tree may already exist. Try emptying the designated directory path of previous Tree Manager files or logs.
    3. Verify that no open application is accessing designated directory path (i.e. Text Editor, MS Word, etc)