Oracle Data Guard PHYSICAL STANDBY configuration

GuidoM Member, Orion GCS Customer Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I need to put PHYSICAL STANDBY database to Mount status as default windows service cannot be set to other than OPEN. Because of the PHYSICAL STANDBY is in status open then Active-Active DataGuard will be assumed and we need to have license for that. I put a startup trigger to check if the standby database role is PHYSICAL STANDBY and then issue an SQL> alter database close; to put the standby on mount status and then disabling the "Real Time Query:  OFF" hence no use of Active-Active.

I tested on Version 12.2 and everything works well but in a 19c database I'm receiving in alert log:

ORA-01093: ALTER DATABASE CLOSE only permitted with no sessions connected

And the standby database still in open status.

Is there something wrong or anything changed on 19 than 12c version?

Regards and your help very appreciated.