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ODA file system access for external tables

edited Mar 28, 2014 3:20PM in Oracle Database Appliance (MOSC) 8 commentsAnswered ✓

I currently use Oracle Directories to read formatted files into external tables and log trace code from PL/SQL packages. I map a drive letter on my PC to a Linux directory on the database server where I can write and read files. I use 11g Enterprise Edition Release on a Linux server.

As part of our migration to Oracle Database Appliance, my DBA (under guidance from a consultant) says that Oracle Directories are no longer recommended when using ODA. Due to restricted storage space in ODA, our DBA will not provide me with network access to a directory on the database server and will not map an Oracle Directory to a location on a network Windows file server. The complete justification I have been given for this change is: "Oracle Database Appliances have some restrictions. Using external tables and mapping  Windows shares on ODA is not recommended." 

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