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Web Enablement Issue - Jwalk/Legasuite Server Could Not Start Due to Configuration Errors

David N-Oracle
David N-Oracle Posts: 400 Silver Badge - Community Leader
edited Feb 4, 2015 3:54PM in JDEdwards World (MOSC) 1 comment

This issue is a common problem with installing and starting the Web Enablement GUI interface.

The most common step missed during the install process is generating the correct registration key (.saf file) using the Registration Wizard tool and not moving the key (.saf file) into the correct server configuration folder, e.g. seajwk or legasrv.

Note: It is important to provide the correct partition ID and serial number when generating the registration key. For more details, please refer to the Web Enablement Installation and Configuration Guide at Oracle JD Edwards World Documentation, section titled "Setting up the Registration Wizard for IBM i Server".


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