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Disable ipv6 in solaris 11

edited Apr 9, 2015 3:51AM in Oracle Solaris System Administration (MOSC) 3 commentsAnswered


I need to disable ipv6 in Solaris 11.

[email protected]:~# ipadm

NAME              CLASS/TYPE STATE        UNDER      ADDR

ipmp0             ipmp       ok           --         --

   ipmp0/v4       static     ok           --

   ipmp0/v4b      static     ok           --

lo0               loopback   ok           --         --

   lo0/v4         static     ok           --

   lo0/v6         static     ok           --         ::1/128

net0              ip         ok           ipmp0      --

net1              ip         ok           ipmp0      --

[email protected]:~# dladm show-phys

LINK              MEDIA                STATE      SPEED  DUPLEX    DEVICE

net0              Ethernet             up         0      unknown   vnet0

net1              Ethernet             up         0      unknown   vnet1

[email protected]:~# dladm show-link

LINK                CLASS     MTU    STATE    OVER

net0                phys      1500   up       --

net1                phys      1500   up       --

[email protected]:~# ipadm show-addr

ADDROBJ           TYPE     STATE        ADDR

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