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why DB Audit is reported these "anonymous logon" sessions?

edited May 19, 2016 3:19PM in Database Security Products (MOSC) 6 commentsAnswered ✓

Hi ,

i need help in our problem ,

our problem raised when convert oracle client provider to data accesses provider (Client version , the application converted connecting to database  as anonymous Login

My audit trigger records this


U157641203WORK\PORTAL21/06/1509:47:24w3wp.exeNT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON
U857641250WORK\PORTAL21/06/1509:47:28w3wp.exeNT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON
U257653764WORK\PORTAL21/06/1510:07:46w3wp.exeNT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON
U257653766WORK\PORTAL21/06/1510:07:46w3wp.exeNT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON
U457653987WORK\PORTAL21/06/1510:08:03w3wp.exeNT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON

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