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All requests go into Inactive, No Manager status. No custom specialization rules are in play. Standa

edited Nov 27, 2017 12:27PM in Technology Stack - EBS (MOSC) 6 commentsAnswered ✓


  1. ICM is online
  2. CRM is online
  3. Standard Manager is online with 36 processes. Only 1 is being used.
  4. All new requests go into Inactive, No Manager
  5. The one running program is not consistently any one specific concurrent request. Sometimes it is a custom program, sometimes something seeded like Workflow Background Manager.
  6. None of our programs is marked as "run alone"
  7. Terminating the 1 running process in Standard Manager seems to kick everything else back into shape.
  8. We cannot reproduce this in any non-Production instance and cannot reproduce at will. It may happen 1-2 per month or not at all for a few months.

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