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Applying patch for Bug # 29597701 on ODA X7 2S

edited Feb 6, 2020 4:02AM in Oracle Database Appliance (MOSC) 6 commentsAnswered


We are trying to install / apply patch --> Patch for Bug# 29597701 for Linux-x86-64 platform

The reason for that is we tried to patch our X7-2S ODA from 12.1 to 18.3 but found out that we need to first apply this patch

As per the patch README


The OPatch utility will prompt for your OCM (Oracle Configuration Manager) response file when it is run. You should enter a complete path of OCM response file if you already have created this in your environment.If you do not have the OCM response file (ocm.rsp), then you should run the following command to create it.

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