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Cannot drop table after start dropping unused columns checkpoint

edited Aug 31, 2020 10:29AM in Database Administration (MOSC) 6 commentsAnswered ✓


with Oracle 19c, and a large table with 600 columns and

I get the message below after tried DROP TABLE XXX;  :

ORA-00604: une erreur s'est produite au niveau SQL récursif 1

ORA-12986: colonnes partiellement supprimées. Exécuter la commande ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMNS CONTINUE

before that, 4 columns was set unused with ALTER TABLE XXX SET UNUSED (CCC1,CCC2,CCC3,CCC4); and dropping columns was started with ALTER TABLE XXX DROP UNUSED COLUMNS CHECPOINT 500;

this statement was stopped with CTRL+C because this was too long (more than 24h)

at this point, dropping this table seems to be impossible, I just could do ALTER TABLE XXX DROP UNUSED COLUMNS CONTINUE CHECKPOINT 10000;

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