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We're releasing - Solaris Extended Support Update (ESU)

Oracle Solaris (S11.3 ESU36.26) has been delivered to MOS.

Please note the rename from Limited Support Update (LSU) to Extended Support Update (ESU) to denote this release is only available for download to customers with Extended Support.

What's New:

  • OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2y, addressing security issues CVE-2021-2384, CVE-2021-23839, CVE-2021-2384 (Bugs 32601231, 32592809, 32515699, 32515738, 33009157)
  • Python 2.7 and Python 3.4 security fix CVE-2021-3177 (Bug 32446316)
  • libsigsegv manual pages (Bug 32934260)

For more details, please see the following documentation:

Oracle Solaris Extended Support Update README (Doc ID 2791819.1)

Oracle Solaris 11.3 Extended Support Updates (ESU) Index (Doc ID 2759706.1)

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