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dbms_metadata.get_ddl gives _$deleted$12$0 for renamed tablespace


with, after renaming a tablespace with a previous dropped tablespace, dbms_metadata.get_ddl shows _$deleted$ tablespace clause.

select owner, table_name, def_tablespace_name

from dba_part_tables

where lower(def_tablespace_name) like 'Þleted%':

=> no rows

How to have a clean ddl output with dbms_metadata.get_ddl when you drop a TS and rename one with the previous dropped ?

testcase :

create tablespace jf1 datafile '/var/db/oracle/MYDB/datafiles/jf1.dbf' size 100m;

create tablespace jf2 datafile '/var/db/oracle/MYDB/datafiles/jf2.dbf' size 100m;

create tablespace jf3 datafile '/var/db/oracle/MYDB/datafiles/jf3.dbf' size 100m;


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