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User preference to disable generating home page thumbnails for projects




when saving a DV project, the following message appears "The project is saved, generating thumbnail", with an option to skip. Because this generating thumbnail always takes a long time, I always press 'skip'. It would be nice if you can disable this message; it will speed up the user interface and therefore improve the User Experience.

regards, Erik

Use Case and Business Need

it will speed up the user interface and therefore improve the User Experience.

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Message removed in the May update. Thumbnails generation is no longer synchronous during save.


  • Erik, if we auto-skip and a thumbnail will not be generated users will not understand why some projects have a thumbnail and others don't. It was added to allow you to skip and have a quicker experience. The default behavior if we remove it will be going back to always generating which will take longer without an ability to skip. 

    We are working on accelerating the thumbnail generation process which is the real solution here.



  • Hi Gabby,

    I agree with you that the real solution would be to speed up the thumbnail generation process. No need to see a message either when it is instant or executed in the background.
    On the other hand; if an end user actively searches for the option to disable the generation of thumbnails for his account only (as a user preference), I don't think he/she will not understand why for some projects no thumbnails are generated. In my case, I never use the Grid View, but always switch to the List View, because it gives me more information about the projects. The List View doesn't show thumbnails, so I never see thumbnails anyway, but I have to wait for it every time I save a project.

    Would it be possible to only generate or refresh thumbnails when a user is using the Grid View?

    Thanks, Erik

  • @Gabby Rubin-Oracle


    * generate the thumbnail as a background activity, without slowing down the user interface.

    * trust users will understand why some projects have thumnbnails and some other do not.

    * allow users to upload a thumbnail of their choice, if they care for thumbnails

    * let administrators decide if the instance uses thmbnails or not as default, then let users have their own preferences.

    Please, let us have an update about this idea. It has been more than two year since started. Thanks.

  • at least, you can disable the generation of thumbnails now per project. It would be best however, to have the option to disable it by default for all projects.

  • Starting with the July update, Thumbnails moved to be a background process and the message to 'skip' is no more.