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Manage Privileges Section For DV Administration




In the case of OBIEE/OAC Classic, there is a central place to administer things at Manage Privileges Section in Admin Tab.

We are also expecting the Manage Privileges section for Oracle DV.



Use Case and Business Need

It makes the administration easier and there be a single point where all the configuration changes can be done.

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  • Completely agree.

    In this section, fine-grained privilege and access configurations (like in daskboard/analysis) should be possible, to better control, beyond the macro-roles author/viewer, what product DV features are available to each application role, what section a role is allowed to see in the home page, and so on ...).

  • Yes I completely  agree. 

    We need to have privilege to restrict respective application roles to have access to DV components like Connections, Data Sets, Data Flows, Sequences and Projects as we do have option to set individual privilege settings for analytics components. This way all organizations will not have any issues with their security policies. As connections to different databases , creating Data Sets and data flows is not specifically meant for regular analysts. And if you consider any customer coming from OBIEE 11g to OAC or OAS, The Author responsibilities will be changed completely. There is lot more scenarios which will restrict customer to get what they need and they need to compromise on security policies or they have to completely put hold of this DV until all their Analysts to get their Advanced training done, 

    Please try to get that option ASAP into OAC and OAS will help to improve customer satisfaction. 

  • Michal Zima
    Michal Zima ✭✭✭✭✭

    To have more fine-grained security setup n Data Visualization(controlling of functional privileges) is definitely a must (similar to what is implemented for long time for "classical" OBIEE UI) and it appears in other ideas as well. Hopefully those ideas will get mor visibility and priority to Product Development.

  • Hello Oracle,

    This functionality is really important - having the way to control the DV privilege's, same as we do for years in the Classic OAS.

    This lack affects many of our production customers and we would appreciate giving this high priority.



  • Yes, this is a must have requirement, the lack of being able to have control over which roles have access to the different parts of the application leads to confused users, bad usability for them and maintenance problems. Thanks for adding this to OAS DV.

  • Agree with those comments. We feel pain by not having privilege settings in DV.

  • First phase of fine-grained permissions feature is planned for the November update. This will allow more granular control of assigning permissions to features.