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Restrict access to options in DV Navigator

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We have a set of users for whom we have given DV Content Author role access and they are perfectly able to build DV contents on their own.

When such users click DV Navigator, they can see / have access to all options such as Machine Learning, Console, Jobs.

We DO NOT want to give access to such options to these users, We would like to hide such options for these users.

We have a limited set of Admin/Super users and only for them all such options in the DV Navigator should be visible or accessible.

We had raised an SR with Oracle Support (SR 3-25226826571) and were told by them that such functionality is presently not available in OAC and we are advised to raise an idea in this portal.

We are expecting a kind of central administration portal specifically for Oracle DV where we can do all such access/permissions related activities, something like Manage Privileges in OAC-Classic.




Use Case and Business Need

Users are trying to explore the options in Oracle DV for which they actually should not have access to.

This amounts to a security breach incident.

Original Idea Number: 59218d18ac

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