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Allow custom banner for Dev instances


Organization Name (Required - If you are an Oracle Partner, please provide the organization you are logging the idea on behalf of): University of Wyoming

Description (Required): To help keep track of what instance you are in, it would be helpful if we could put a banner at the top of the page that says "Development Instance" or something along those lines, with a red background.

Use Case and Business Need (Required): When working with multiple instances such as dev/test/prod it can be hard to keep track of what instance you're looking at unless you inspect the URL. It would be more reliable to have a banner at the top for Dev so you know at a quick glance what instance you are in.

Enhancement Request / Service Request: Enhancement

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  • Hi,

    it is already possible to add a banner with custom text.

    I still support this idea because that banner looks the same on all environments, users need to READ the text and it disappears when you scroll down. Therefore it is marginally better than reading the URL.

    It would be better if there was an easy option to at least change that banner's background color depending on what kind of environment you are on. A change of color is instantaneously spotted, better than reading a text. After two days, nobody reads the text anymore. Actually, make that two hours.

    As an alternative, I use the Stylus addon for my browser (chrome, firefox) with the HCMC-colorizer user style. It adds an overlay of (configurable) colors depending on the url (dev1/dev2/test/prod). However, that's not Oracle-supported and each user needs to install it separately...

    How to setup the banner:

    Use the Manage Administrator Profile Values setup task to activate FND_BANNER_MESSAGE profile option at Site level.

    21D doc: Home Page and Other Basic Setup (Chapter 4) 21D (

    There is a secondary profile option FND_BANNER_MESSAGE_DETAILS. Can't see that it does anything.

  • Ah, you can use emojis to pump a bit of color in the banner !

    Still not satisfying, but better than just black text.

  • Excuse me, is this for Oracle Analytics Cloud ?

    An URL like:

    https <yourinstance> <dot> analytics<dot>ocp<dot> 

    or rather related to Oracle cloud Applcation Services ?


  • @Marcelo Finkielsztein I am referring to Oracle Analytics Cloud. I think @Sebastien Mariller is talking about Application Services.

  • @andrefecteau ,

    Thanks for the clarification. Gossip: I have not found hwo to do this in DV (yet?), but if you care for "classic home", then there is a way to "manage theme", on the Administration page. In there you can change a few things to make your DEV environment catch the eye. Including the logo. I prepared a fake company logo that has "DEV" over it.

    I am attaching my PROD config, which is "all vanilla", as i do not have a DEV at the moment. but you get the idea...

  • whoopsie, sorry about the confusion. too many areas of interest ;-)

  • When using "FND_BANNER_MESSAGE" it's working as expected but for "FND_BANNER_MESSAGE_DETAILS" it's not working. Can anyone please help if there is any other steps to make the Details profile option "FND_BANNER_MESSAGE_DETAILS" visible.

  • Same for me too -- When using "FND_BANNER_MESSAGE" it's working as expected but for "FND_BANNER_MESSAGE_DETAILS" it's not working. Can anyone please help if there is any other steps to make the Details profile option "FND_BANNER_MESSAGE_DETAILS" visible.

    Any thoughts please let us know