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Map view in DV has location mismatch issues for countries like "Isle of Man", "Guernsey", "Jersey"


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Description (Required): In Oracle DV workbook, we can see location mismatches for the countries likes "Isle of Man", "Guernsey", "Jersey" with the default map layer. Either their location on the map is incorrect or they are not present altogether on the map. Yes, there are ways like building a Custom Map Layer and using that in place of default map layer. However, we would like to see them on the map with a default map layer and we do not need any development efforts to make these changes. In our case, currently with a default map layer we can see "Isle of Man" is located somewhere near India or Africa whereas its actual location should be between Ireland and UK. It looks like in the default map layer, polygon coordinates for the Isle of Man needs to be corrected and same for "Guernsey", "Jersey".

Use Case and Business Need (Required): In our DV report, we want to present a variety of metrics such as employee headcount, termination count, hire count, rehire count, acquisition count etc of all the countries. Few of them are UK Overseas Territories like "Isle of Man", "Guernsey", "Jersey"

Because of the mismatch issue we are not able to present them on the map.

Enhancement Request / Service Request: Severity 3SR 3-28423459481 : Map view in DV has location mismatch issues with "Isle of Man" and couple of other countries

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