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Centralize OAS Configuration Options


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Environment configuration settings are becoming fragmented in OAS with the expansion of DV. In the latest 6.4 release the systemsettings console has expanded again to include more options. However, it fails to meet enterprise deployment level requirements and is creating problematic interactions with pre-existing configuration files and methods of administration. For example, consider the "Cache Enabled" setting in OAS, there are now 3 ways to interact with this setting - systemsettings, EnterpriseManager, and NQSConfig.INI. The systemsetting page lacks ability to configure global cache hence it's not an applicable enterprise deployment grade solution. Yet its somehow a forced interaction within the systemsetting console. It's becoming increasingly treacherous and time consuming to manage environment drift when the source of truth for a given setting is not immediately clear. To demonstrate that take for example MAX_WORK_FILE_SIZE_PERCENT, this setting is presented in the documentation as manageable from NQSConfig.INI, but whatever is set there is never honored in favor of whats present in systemsettings console obis.MAX_WORK_FILE_SIZE_PERCENT.

I hope that oracle will plan to create a better, more centralized, and feature complete configuration management approach for administrators in OAS. There are now too many fragmented configuration files and methodologies ranging from .ini files to xml files to wlst ConfigProperty Attributes.

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Environment drift management, tuning, performance, automated provisioning etc.

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