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Attrition Analysis



Attrition is an issue that every employer deals with and this makes it a paramount issue to be analyzed.

With OAX, you can review different aspects of attrition with a holistic view with minimal calculation and all required metrics delivered out of the box. We have covered following aspects :

1. Attrition Analysis Overview - This covers voluntary & Involuntary termination as a percentage of headcount month wise.

2. New hire Attrition Analysis - This covers new hire attrition across locations, business units, departments & legal entities of an organization.

3. Attrition Analysis - Business Unit view - This covers TOP N business unit for voluntary & involuntary attrition analysis.

5. Involuntary Attrition - Department View - This covers TOP N department with Involuntary attrition.

6. Voluntary Attrition - Department view- This covers TOP N departments with Voluntary attrition.


Please follow below steps to get started using these pre-built analysis for your organization. 

1. Post download, unzip all files on your local machine. Only .dva files can be uploaded on OAX.

1. Log into your OAX instance.

2.  Click on Import Project/Flow

3. Click on Select File button. This will open a browse window on your machine. Select required files with .DVA extension.

4. Click on the Import button.

5. Once import is successful, it will display message "Import Successful". Click Ok. 

You are all set to start using attrition analysis for your organization.


OAX 3.1

Attrition Analysis - Overview.PNG