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Growth Rate Calculations for Hire & Termination

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Calculate quarterly , half-yearly & yearly Hire & Termination growth rate


This DV uses hire headcount, voluntary termination headcount, involuntary termination headcount - month on month basis, and derives hire headcount in the last 3 months, 6 months & 12 months. This also calculates M/M growth rate & Y/Y growth rate for hire headcount & termination headcount. 

This can also be extended to use any other events like promotion rates, transfer rates, or any other OOTB metric, calculated metric, or on an external file.

Please follow below steps to get started using these pre-built analyses for your organization. 

1. Download.Dav file from this post

2. Log into your OAX instance.

3.  Click on Import Project/Flow

4. Click on Select File button. This will open a browse window on your machine. Select the required files with  .DVA extension.

5. Click on the Import button.

6. Once the import is successful, it will display the message "Import Successful". Click Ok. 

Growth Rate Sample.PNG